Lugana D.O.C. Brut



Fine and persistent perlage, fresh and savory.

Spumante obtained from Trebbiano di Lu¬gana grapes, made with the traditional classic method. After an early harvest, it is fermented in bottle, resting on the yeasts for about 24 months, thus acquiring its typical characteristics. The perlage is fine and persistent, the scents are fruity accompanied by a fresh, savoury but at the same time creamy and defined taste.

Agricoltura Ragionata®

It's our philosophy.
A method passed down for generations.

Lugana D.O.C. Brut

Denomination of origin


Grape variety

Trebbiano di Lugana

Service temperature

6-8° C


Manual harvesting into boxes, gentle pressing of whole grapes, alcoholic fermentation via selected yeasts at a controlled temperature.

Sparkling wine production

Refermentation in the bottle and subsequent stay in the bottle on yeasts. Manual disgorgement by freezing the neck of the bottle and dosage of liqueur that is very respectful of the product.

Organoleptic analysis

Soft yellow straw colour; fine and long-lasting bubbles; definite scents of tropical fruit and delicate flowery bouquets; a fresh clean flavour, creamy and full at the same time.

Produced in Italy
Lugana D.O.C. Brut
Lugana D.O.C. Brut


Versatile as an aperitif or for the whole meal. Excellent with seabass and cheeses

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