In the world of wine, giving a personal interpretation of the cultural and viticultural heritage is essential.


We move on tiptoe in our vineyards. We want our intervention on the rows of vines, the fruit, and therefore on the wine-making, to be minimal. We are in pursuit of purity, not only during wine-making, but throughout the entire process that leads us to your wine glasses.


Elevating the distinct features of every one of our grape varieties, of each vineyard and even of the individual vine. This painstaking task has lead us to believe, almost as if it were a dogma, in the potential of our varieties, produced, as they are, in purity and reinterpreted in a modern light.


Consideration, care and delicacy when it comes to the intrinsic characteristics of the grapes: from selecting the most appropriate wine-making technique to opting for a different wine-making process for each individual vineyard.


In pursuit of a personal and consolidated production style, allowing us to take on the market with wines that are the result of our ideas come to life, such as the Lugana Metodo Classico and Merlot passito.



The good fortune of working on those “cursed” calcareous clays, which are as challenging in the vineyard as they are gratifying in the results and the fruit that they bear.


The minerality transferred to Lugana wines, the power and the elegance of Notte a San Martino, the richness of Condolcezza, the longevity, freshness and character of the sparkling wines. All are gifts from our terroir. Our only concerns are being able to fully appreciate them and to know how to share them.


The rise and fall of the amphitheatre-shaped Lake Garda, made up of morainic hills, medieval hamlets among the most beautiful in Italy, vast garden parks, the Parco del Mincio Natural Reserve, the historical cities of Verona, Brescia and Mantua, and served by the well-known Peschiera del Garda-Mantua cycle-way, popular with many cycle-tourists.


A verdant place of ancient origins where the authenticity of the produce of the land combines with the warm welcome of its local people. The charming Lake Garda area is generously provides a succession of vineyards, wine cellars, hamlets, castles and millennia of history.


Nothing is constant in wine growing and wine making but the unique, unrepeatable nature of wines.


The Olivini family has its origins in a terroir that is particularly suitable for a wonderful grape variety, the Lugana. In the heart of this terroir is where the young entrepreneurs Giorgio, Giordana and Giovanni decided to share in the bond their parents Graziella and Giulio have felt with this land for many years.


A passion for the heritage passed down from their grandparents. The fruit of careful harvests is produced and selected on the family farm, reinterpreting the grapes with every year that passes, respecting the wishes of our ancestors and our fields.


Not a single detail of cultivation and wine-making is overlooked: propagation of vines by grafting, the careful selection of grapes that are strictly hand-harvested, quality control of the materials used, modern equipment, continued investment in new technology and enhancements to the cellar where the whole wine-making process occurs, with the sole objective of exalting a great product: the wine.


Ambition to bring out the best in historical grape varieties and make them unique, in a continuing quest for quality. Promoting the area, investing in techniques for processing, wine-making and ageing in a continual intertwining of tradition and innovation, so as to further enhance that which the land gives us.


In recent years we have worked hard on the characterisation of the Lugana, selecting the best vines that make for production excellence from the aromatic and acidic balance point of view from our oldest vineyards, then propagating the vines of that most precious vegetation by grafting, and generating vines for the new plantations in order to preserve and optimise varietal heritage.


METODO CLASSICO (The Traditional method)

«Why waste time making sparkling wine? You have neither the right grape nor the ability to produce such a complex wine.»


It was this friendly advice that convinced us we were right. The more time passed, the more the consumer took notice of the potential of this sparkling wine that is practically impossible not to recognise and very pleasant indeed to drink.


There is much work yet to do, but with our sparkling wine we have succeeded in expressing what every wine should represent in today’s world, in other words the symbiosis of our land with our grape, together with modern production technology.


One of the essential traits of the Lugana grape is its high acidity, which is a fundamental element of sparkling wine; this is what the health and good preservation of sparkling wine depends on, not to mention its pleasantness. It is with the early-harvesting of grapes that the wine-making process begins, followed by the sparkling wine production process employing the traditional method.


Voted by the specialized press as one of the best native sparkling wines in Italy, Lugana Brut Olivini is energetic, alternating delicate florality on the nose with sweet, fleshy fruit with strong hints of fresh bread. The mouth, however, offers the best in the finish, where it is dominated by the most beautiful territorial trait, a limestone mineral perfectly integrated with a frank texture, of beautiful acid tension.

ROSÉ METODO CLASSICO (Traditional method rosé)

From a terroir highly suitable for the production of still rosé wines, instinct also came to inspire a Garda Rosè Doc Brut Metodo Classico. The proven suitability for rosé wine-making of the Groppello variety made it a natural choice as the main element of this wine.  Other varieties such as Barbera Marzemino and Sangiovese then serve to complete the wine, with their own peculiarities competing to perfect the sensory profile of the product. The results of a careful wine-making process, culminating in the ability to know the right moment to separate the must from the skins, leads to a charming pinkish-coloured sparkling wine and an exuberant white foam with an elegant palate that is well-structured and persistent. The long ageing on lees gives the wine sweet notes of cherry and rose on a background of acacia honey and yellow fruit preserves.

METODO CLASSICO AUTOCTONO (Indigenous traditional method)

Over the years we have realised that we are not alone in our belief in the production of sparkling wines with indigenous grapes in Italy. 2005 saw the creation of ANIMA, the Italian national association for indigenous traditional method wines (, on the basis that the most famous sparkling wine in the world, namely champagne, is produced with indigenous grapes that have acclimatised and set down roots over many centuries in a micro-zone, just like the varieties of the association producers.

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