Grappa di Lugana Invecchiata

Aged in barrels

The flavours blend perfectly to give a persistent and embracing taste

From the artisanal steam distillation of our best Lugana pomace in small oak barriques. Bright straw yellow colour with golden reflections.


A wonderful concert of sensations, in particular ripe fruit, blackcurrant, apricot, cocoa and vanilla.

Agricoltura Ragionata®

It's our philosophy.
A method passed down through generations.


In oak barrels

Sensory analysis

Obtained from Lugana pomace, it has a limpid amber colour, an ample and embracing bouquet, with great personality. Its elegant and rich taste echoes such sensations. Best served 14-18°C.

Chemical analysis

Alcolic content 45% by vol.

Distillation method


Type of still

Small copper boilers

Distillation temperature

110°C in water vapour


More than 18 months in small oak barriques

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