Diciannove Marzo - Pas Dosé

D.O.C. Metodo Classico

Powerful, savoury and persistent. Balsamic and intense.

This wine is obtained from Trebbiano di Lugana grapes. The careful winemaking was carried out by paying a special attention to press fraction, bottle refermentation and maturing on the yeasts for at least 60 months, which provide this product an outstanding character of freshness and complexity. When smelled, it reveals a firework of balmy flavors reminding of sage and Lemon with an unusual cherry background. At the palate it proves powerful and rich with an acid nerve, opposed by a marked creamy taste and almost oily texture, creating a nearly everlasting sensation of persistence.


Outstanding with any fish entrée and in a special way with raw food. The daring gourmet should try it also with cotechino, or similar cooked salami and seasoned hard cheese.

Agricoltura Ragionata®

It's our philosophy.
A method passed down through generations.

Designation of origin

Lugana D.O.C. Metodo Classico


Trebbiano di Lugana 100%

Alcohol content

12,5% vol

Serving temperature

6-8° C

Yield per hectare

100 quintals

Wine making

Manual harvesting into boxes, gentle pressing of whole grapes, alcoholic fermentation via selected yeasts at a controlled temperature.

Sparkling wine making

The wine is re-fermented in the bottle and then left on the lees for a period of at least 60 months. Manual degorgement after freezing the bottle neck.

Sensory analysis

Light yellow colour; fine and persistent perlage; balmy perfume with smell of yellow fruits. Dry, sound and mineral taste supported by a marked creamy and almost oily texture.

Chemical analysis

Total acidity 7 g/l; Residual sugars <2,0 g/l.

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